The central Randstad location enables same day delivery throughout Europe’s fourth largest metropolitan area, with a population of 7.1 million people.

DCAM’s E-commerce development project is ideally located for both national and international distribution being situated within the Port of Amsterdam, one of the main European gateways.

Easy access to the A5 motorway connects the site to Amsterdam Schiphol airport (approximately 10 minute drive).

Catchment area of c. 30 million consumers for next day delivery
(up to a 4 hour drive).

Amsterdam is a fast growing and prosperous city which is emerging as one of the capital cities of the European digital world. Ranked 2nd on the European City Index, it is home to the largest data transport hub in the world, while the region has the highest broadband penetration in Europe. This transformed Amsterdam into a start up hotspot which attracts world class talent also through the presence of strong corporate names, such as: Google, Tesla, Netflix, Yakult, Booking.com, Samsung, Canon, Mitsubishi, Embraer, Tata, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger and GStar.

Multi Modal Connections

Amsterdam Port provides easy access to:

  • The Port of Amsterdam (currently Europe’s fourth largest port, which will be opened up to deep sea vessels of all sizes in late 2019)
  • Close proximity to rail and barge terminals
  • Largest airport and seaport combination in Europe
  • Excellent national and international road connections
  • Deep sea ports of Rotterdam (70 km) and Antwerp (160 km)


Amsterdam offers a dynamic, international environment with a large pool of available employment. The port area is home to 2,451 companies employing a total of 68,335 people.  In 2015 this was estimated to have added €6.7 billion of value to the regional economy.

Drive Times